Sydney:10 Homebush – Pacing Duties

Sydney:10 Homebush – Pacing Duties

Sydney:10 Homebush – Pacing Duties

Friday – Centennial

Not in an overly fresh state after Thursday’s 2x2km. Boy that was a shock to the system! The foot is sore but not enough to dampen my enthusiasm for some Friday junk.

Morning was 6km into work. Then lunch, met Renee and Champ with a consensus view that the wharves would just not do. Headed down Oxford St, then Anzac Parade out to our old stomping ground CP. One CW lap on the grass track at 4:45s. Good chat on things like misbehaving +1s, kids and travelling.

Honestly, I felt ordinary the whole run. Legs = stumps, breathing = laboured. 13km all up.

Not done here. Brought the girls (L & T) out for dinner at Enmore. This saw me add 6km running through USYD in darkness.

24km for the day. Big one. Knackered.

Saturday – Sydney:10

Back to the racing scene albeit with no intention of hampering my recovery.

Rolled out the door after some 6am text-driven prompting by Timmy Lindop (needs a pacer). It was a slow slow stumble towards Homebush on foot, with the final 3km a particularly unpleasant Para Rd.

Eased my way into the start zone but did not warm up. After asking the likes of Lambert, Champ, Erika whether Timmy was around, I gave up. The plan B was then getting Erika a sub-38 PB. Perched ourselves some 5 rows back near Champ, Darren and Jeet. Plan was 3:45s, or 37:30 with an even split.

A little off pace 0-1km (3:50) and in fact early signs of worry trailing Birchy, Sammy J, Taffy and the 40 min pacer. Slowly wound up the pace and E happily followed over 0-3km; shared pacing duties. Near the U-bend, a good gauge of the runners ahead where I saw Lewis, Neil, Robin V, CT all in a big 2nd pack.

From here, it was simply picking away at a now strung out and tiring field. No one ever runs an even (or negative split).

5km in 18:50, Timmy and Julie D working well some 30s in front and Greta a little closer to us. ‘Let’s run them down‘ was my instruction.

We stayed at the same 3:45s (give or take), picking off Greta at 6km whilst I assessed whether E could actually hold on. Turns out, she did just fine and by 9km it was clear this was her day. After an ugly little climb into the Stadium, the atmosphere coasting onto the track was excellent. Last K split an impressive 3:35.

The result? 18s PB for Erika. Almost as happy as if I’d done a PB myself.

10km in 37:43. 

0-5km splits: 3:51, 3:42, 3:46, 3:47, 3:41,
5-10km splits: 3:45, 3:44, 3:51, 3:46, 3:37

Personally, this is still 15s/k off my marathon pace so no surprise feeling fresh by the end.

C/D involved a short lap with the Frenchman then 1.5km with Lewis on the outside. Morning’s mileage (12+10+2) = 24km.

Clearly the flat course, world-record weather and team spirit helped deliver a PB spree from the team. Massive efforts from Jeet and Lambert (sub-35), Lewis (sub 32:30) and of course the Jordan household (x2). Timmy was equally impressive in low 37s, Champ mid 38s and RWoo 40 flat. Well done to everyone!

Erika, myself, Darren and Tim below.


I take my hat off to the contest between Lambert and Jeet. I’m now scared to race these guys.


Great vibe at this race, which makes me look forward to the SMH half next week.

Nasty traffic exiting Homebush, by which time I had worked up some appetite. The solution? Brunch at Kepos Street Kitchen with Lewis, Lorie and Trinity. Look at the soft boiled egg execution…


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