Tempo and HBR

Tempo and HBR

Tuesday – 45 min tempo

One of the HuRTS sessions that has been transitioned out in 2017. It seems Renee misses this all too much as she force me into pacing duties today. The girl is probably in 39-40 min 10k shape, so I figured 4:00s would be a tough be realistic ask. The two of us started at the pillars and I reassured her to ‘ignore the watch, just follow me’.

First 2k downhill down wind. Legs warmed up nicely and I quietly noticed we were ahead of the clock hitting splits around 3:50s. Move through FC and OH and this is where Renee was clearly moving well and in fact taking charge. Same pace over to OPT where we crossed paths with the HuRTS Elite Group (Scotty, Barts, Quentin, Lewis).

Felt pretty comfortable at the said 3:55s all the way out to the Boom Gate for the 22.5 min turn. I sensed Renee had maybe over-extended herself so I coached her back home at a slightly easier 4:00s.

Hit the 10k around 38:50 at the end of FC and it seems Renee had pretty banged out a 10k PB. So my job was done. Had 5 min to go and decided to push the uphills all the way to the Pillars. Got back bang on 45 min flat, holding maybe 3:40s on the net uphill. Comfortably in the red zone by the time I got home.

11.8k all up in 45 min.

Jogged back to meet Renee near the Gallery – she had pulled the pin at 45 min and probably threw in the towel before the final gallery climb.

Wednesday – C2S Recon

Not sure what to do today. Didn’t see anyone at the 12:10 meeting spot on Mac street. Some 2 min later I found Timmy and Dr Craig over near the Gallery. Didn’t quite feel like a Heartbreak Hill climb (itself a 17k return journey) but what other choice did I have?

Nice and easy pace today out past KC school. Have not seen Timmy L for several weeks meaning I got the full run-down on: 1) what it feels like to be 50, 2) why he flew out to Ayes Rock but didn’t run the half-marathon, and 3) the state of play with the HuRTS community (or lackthereof).

Left the two of them at the base of HBR holding 4:10s on the climb. That was the only real ‘effort’ for today’s run. I was also solo from Redleaf as they stopped for a drink.

Got back covering 17k in 80 min. Legs sore.

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