Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving Weekend

Friday – 1K TT

A 2nd day off the legs, which is unprecedented. Headed down to ABC for the November 1k TT, kindly organised by Pete Walker. Those attending included Champ, Pete, Liam, Christian, Yum Cha and a few others.

Decided to slip discretely into the medium lane and get the 1K done. Didn’t really feel the need to push hard today as per the doc’s orders. The nice thing about swimming is that pace is uncorrelated with effort.

Finish time of 18:36, which is maybe 15s off my effort in October. Happy with that considering (i) I had to make a few passes, and (ii) goggles are crap. It’s clear that after 12 months, my swimming won’t improve without stroke correction….

Finished up with 500m c/d before jogging back to work. My stomach and insides still feel 70%.

Saturday – No Mercy Loop

I call this the no mercy loop and have Tym Blackwall to thank for showing me this early CY16. You start at Iron Cove, track the water westwards out to Rhodes. Head north across one of two bridges, before shooting east to Gladesville Bridge. Cross that bridge, then over Iron Cove gets you to 32k (thereabouts).

The danger with two days off is how fresh that leaves my legs. Unfortunately, the stomach is in no better state leaving me with a 10k objective. Started west, then decided to double 10k to 20k. Hit the Rhodes area and thought, ‘screw it’. So I went north and back around.

Really struggled in the last 5k my run encroached on 2hrs. Two pit stops, stomach pains and thirsty – the hills through Meadowbank did not help. Got back at 8:45am to a very angry Lorie due to a 9am appointment some 15 min drive away. That’s called cutting it fine.

32k at 4:40s

Later in the day, I replenished the stomach at the Fenton Household with HuRTS plus a few normal people. A massive Thanksgiving feast.

Score summary – Food 4/5, company 5/5. Photos below.

Ash, myself, Sonya and Birchy …


Meanwhile, it’s unclear if my +1 Lorie is standing in this photo with Brendan, Jerome, James and Renee.


Surprisingly healthy selection including a requirement to carb loading ahead of my Sunday long-run…


Excellent charcoal flavour on the corn, expertly BBQ’ed by Charlie …


Personally I thought pumpkin pie was a massive disappointment.


Many thanks to the Fentons for hosting. This is becoming a favourite in the HuRTS festive calendar.

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