The Entrance

The Entrance

Saturday – Park Run

My last Park Run attempt was way back in 2014 when I was living in Perth. From memory, I was hitting between 16:13 and 16:30s on a weekly basis (and in low 2:30s share). Fronted up at The Entrance Parkrun feeling both demotivated and out-of-shape. I’ve had a lot of my mind lately and any run above 10k has not been enjoyable.

Fronted up to the start with Matt who is also holidaying with his family; and on top of that, my dad. There was no field depth today and  once we set off, I knew I would have to run solo. Matt’s in good shape and held sub 3:10s perfectly. I tried to hold on till 500m and simply gave up.

Hit the 2.5k turn point around 3:20s pace and was in survival mode in the last 2k. Luckily the course is fairly flat which meant the pace did not slow too much.

Finished in 16:36, 3:19s average pace. 23s off the 5k PB.

Splits: 3:17, 3:20, 3:23, 3:22, 3:16.

Matt stormed home with a comfortable 50s lead and is in formiddable shape. 3rd place came in 20.XX, and so was never a threat.

Happy with my effort and good to see I have not lost too much fitness. Overall, it was a 4.5k warm up, 5k park run and 3.5k c/d .

Sunday – Long Run

Out at 6am with Matt for a 30k’er. I missed this last week due to lack of motivation and certainly didn’t want a repeat of that. Walked down a few stairs to the cycle track that runs North-South. If you had South if hooks around a giant lake that could be 45k run on the perimeter.

Started at 5:00s and gradually moved to 4:30s. We ran around the water’s edge to Chittaway Point (10k) and ran out of path. Turned and headed back home for 21k which was the start point. Decided I was feeling OK and so we moved northwards up to the town centre, across a bridge heading North for a few more K. The pace had quickened and before I knew it we were sub 4:00s and the conversation had gone.

Last few K was back down the cycle track where we had run the Park Run yesterday. Final splits between 3:35 and 3:50s! 30.6k at 4:20s average pace.



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