The Real Friday

The Real Friday

Turns out yesterday was Thursday. I blame my easy run (rather than Rushcutters) which typically happens on Friday. Add to the the fact I was working from home today.

So at 6:30am I found myself down at LAC for a few laps. Forgot to check the temp and that was my downfall. 8 degrees.Once I got in, the water was a nice 25 which allowed me to roll the arms over for 30 min. I was literally in the ‘play and spash’ double lane alongside old folk. The 1km jog back was horrible and I was cold for the next 5 years.

Evening – took Molly out for an easy run down to the Canal which runs parallel to the light rail. Once we hit Paramatta Rd, I turned and ventured back to Blackmore’s Oval. Knocked out 8×100 between the footy goals before heading back.  Legs felt neither great nor terrible.

8km for the day. Very light.

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