Three Days Easy

Three Days Easy

Feeling a little better in the last few days. I’ve been keeping the base up and consolidating on the fact that my back feels better and the ITB is not getting worse. To recap three days of exercise…

Wednesday – stepped out of bed onto some seriously sore feet (PF-issues!). Didn’t stop me from cross training in the morning. Tried to stay off any back-related stresses in case I flare the thing up again. By the time lunch came around, the foot was nicely warmed up. Grabbed Wooey from work who himself has probably ran once in 2 months. We looped around Hickson then did a few Pyrmont wharves. I’m always worried about the guy as he tends to really lose running form after 7k. In fact in 2012, his heart stopped at 20k at the SMH half. Got Wooey to 12k – he was living and in good spirits. A nice way to spend 60 min.

Thursday – overdue jog with big man Sam Towill. His unexplained absence of late is now fully explained. Knee issues (old age?), man flu and general aversion to hard exercise. I tried to be sympathetic. We looped around Pyrmont Wharves out to JL and back. 10k with Sam, and 1k on either side of that. Super easy, super slow. Nice recovery day for me.

Friday – decided to knock back a kind offer from LJ for a swim. Was very tempting however the reality is when you swim, you can’t chat. So I stuck with the original plan to catch up with Nick Roberts. The guy is the form runner right now and seems to be holding the 130k weeks with double speed just fine. The run was a 14-15k’er out to Cremorne Point. Luckily his legs were pretty tired so I found it easy to keep pace. Felt better today despite the hills – I’ll admit a few foot pains.

Should be a good weekend. Easy Bay Run tomorrow (plus a swim?), Sunday LR at Centennial.

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