Timbrell Park 30 min Solo Tempo

Timbrell Park 30 min Solo Tempo

Tuesday ‘pain day‘ but without the benefit of HuRTS today, I gave myself a 30% probability of sub 5:30s. 3 bad nights of sleep and meaning even rolling out the door was hard. I’d say Trinity a bigger culprit than 100km pw.

Headed down to KG Park starting a CCW attack of the Bay Run. 5:30s to start, moving to a blistering 5:00s. Eventually, hit the West side and given the proliferating count of walkers on the actual Bay Run, I sucked it up and measured out a 1.2km circuit around Timbrell Park. Concrete path because the grass was waterlogged.

Never fun moving 5:00s to sub 3:40s and I did my best to build momentum despite quads that are still pretty fatigued. 7 laps holding low 3:30s pace. Ran this one to feel, form felt scrappy and legs complained from #3-7. Initial intention to do 5, then tricked myself with ‘just one more’ message. Desperate for company but sometimes, solitude is character building.

8.3km in 29:30 at 3:33 min/km ave pace.

– 0-4km: 3:33, 3:41, 3:34, 3:33
– 5-8km: 3:32, 3:31, 3:31, 3:33, 3:19 (300m)

Baffling! Last week’s half, then Tuesday 4x10s and now today, I’m literally stranded at this 3:30 pace regardless of distance. Does not bode well for short races.

Riding the high of a solo session, I circled the Bay Run CW as the cool-down at 5:00s. Running opposite was the Woodstock Runners led by Tym B. Struggled up the mental hospital grounds to complete the run.

7km warm-up, 8km tempo, 7km warm-down. 22km all up.

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