Timmy’s 20 min hills + 5k tempo

Timmy’s 20 min hills + 5k tempo

One of the hardest sessions in living memory for me. The dreaded hills + tempo took place at the Domain in 32 degrees, no wind and high humidity. Now that I’ve committed to speed work I knew that complaining over tired legs (true) was not an out.

Started out somewhat cautiously working with Darren, Nick Roberts, Fats and Tommy. Things fanned out gradually with Nick and Darren pushing ahead of me, whilst Fats and Tommy falling back. I sort of sat in the zone picking away at the slower guys and generally resigned myself to 20 min of hurt. Personal highlights included:

– looking at my watch at 4:30 thinking ‘I swear it has been 10 min
– getting to half way knackered
– staying alive to 20 min in #2 spot behind Nick some 10s in front.

Covered 4.9k in the full 20 min at 4:02s. From memory I’ve always sat at the 4-4:05s pace on this session so I’m happy because (i) I’m carrying a few Xmas kgs and (ii) it was bloody hot and yet I didn’t fade.

Part 2 was the 4.8k tempo. I was so cooked the best I could do was lead out group 2 (3:45s pace) and hold 3:40s on the uphill bits. Had Ray breathing down my neck before dropping him on the final 2k. OCD kicked in at 4.8k so I added 200m on Hospital Rd to log 5k in 18:00 (3:39s)

Splits for the 5k: 3:32, 3:40, 3:42, 3:40, 3:40. Very consistent.

With a 4k w/u solo and a 3k c/d with Renee I covered 17k at lunch. Big day.

Mid 175s HR for the hills. I have not pushed it that high in years.

And similar HR at a pace well below my marathon PB…



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