Timmy’s Hills and Tempo

Timmy’s Hills and Tempo

Timmy’s Hills and Tempo

Timmy’s double set in the Domain has amassed a cult-like following. 120m incline plus downhill float for 20 min, followed by a leg beating 5km tempo around Mrs M Chair. Not easy and I can only conclude the two dozen in attendance today are irrational or naive.

Legs very sore from Tues but with the boss (Charlie) back, the implicit orders were – go run or go home. Cones nicely set up by Timmy next to a touch footy game and off we went. Third time doing this set but first time with real competition, Tommy H being present. King of the Mountain jersey would be hard fought.

#1-4 sitting on his shoulder with a quick gap on the rest. #5 I consciously put the head down willing to suffer. Tommy did not follow and from here I slowly crept towards survival mode. Kept a 60-65 cycle per lap with the HR gradually building. 5 min to go I was definitely in a world of hurt but it’s clear everyone was too. One last effort making #20 reps in 20 min (missing 1 downhill). Happy with KOTM (barely) and consistent pacing.

5.0km in 20:00 at 4:01 min/km. 19.5x full reps. Compares with May-15 (4:37s) and Sep-15 (4:14s).

Splits – 4:04, 3:50, 4:00, 4:01, 3:59. 

Hands on knees, 1.5kg lighter from sweat but not done yet. Off we went for the 5km tempo. Little left in the legs and a reminder of some persistent foot niggles. Started with the less-fast guys at 4:00s happy to sit in cruise mode. Pace crept a little faster over 0-3km then I noticed Tom rapidly approaching. Tested out 3:25s heading down to the Chair and it was clear this was not sustainable. White flag was up which meant I eased back to high 3:30s to complete part two.

4.9km in 18:15 at 3:47 min/km. 

Splits: 3:45, 3:40, 3:56, 3:42, 3:47

Basically Tom gave me a masterclass smashing sub 3:20s after the hills in the midst of possibly a 135km week. I do not want to race him.

Good post-run catch up with the likes of Enda, Timmy, Champ and Glen who all put in big efforts. 2km cool-down making 13km for lunch and 20km for the day (ran in only).

Hill segment from Strava below. 20 reps, 150 bpm max which seems low.

Run 28 Jan



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