Tired Wednesday

Tired Wednesday

Heavy and tired and not sure why because sleep has been decent and running load not ‘abnormal‘. Last three weeks maybe 110-130k pw?

Took the bike (35 min easy spin) then at lunch, met Champ, Smolly, Tym and a few unknowns at Stone Pillars. Quickly dropped the pack despite a low 5 min/km pace and only had Tym in tow. Circled around Farm Cove, then Cahill Express and over to North Sydney. Frenchmen made a guest appearance for 15 min.

Turnaround point near North Syd Station (had to run an errand), then back across the Bridge to end a relaxed 60 min run.

12.5km at 4:55 min/km

PM involved a light 8km jog down Para Road back home. Not pretty but got the daily mileage to 20km.

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