Tired Weekend Ks

Tired Weekend Ks

Headed into this weekend feeling run-down. It’s a stark reminder to respect the rigors of racing.

Saturday: breakfast date with Rob and Anita. First we had to circle the Bay Run. Started with Rob at the Lilyfield Row Club for 2 laps CCW direction. Anita did a single, whilst Lorie and Trinity floated around the Callum Park side.

Lucky Rob was happy with 5:00s, which is OK given he’s on the mend from a Paris + London marathon double. A run-down of his food plus running adventures across 10 countries was the main topic whilst we did 80 min of shuffling.

Completed the double lap, making 18km at 5:10s. Then a great breakfast nearby at Egg of the Universe. (I’ve just posted a review). Legs feel tired.

Sunday: pondered a sleep-in rest day but like Chris Truscott always tells me, ‘you never know how you feel at 7km‘. Headed over to CP and decided at 7km (Redfern), it would not be my day.

One of the biggest HuRTS turnouts ever with very few MIAs (I can think of Timmy, Craig). Even Lambert turned up with a broken toe and Enda with blackened lungs. Tough pace, 4:20s in fact and I struggled to match strides with fresher-and-fitter companions. CT, LJ, Brendan pushed hard for lap 1 which included an extra 1.5km around the lake.

Dropped back to 4:45s returning to the Kiosk. Lucky Champ was in the hurt zone because I had company for 1 inner loop + 1 Paddington hill loop. Exited at the Paddington gates as the watch hit 25km. I wanted 30km plus and cared little how this was achieved. Declined Champ’s kind offer for a lift home and trudged my way back through CBD and Blackwattle.

34km at 4:40s. 

Judging by my reluctance to run this morning, racing and speed work is off the cards for awhile.

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