Tokyo part 4 – Lost

Tokyo part 4 – Lost

50% farther than anticipated. Thought I’d shoot for the stars by running to the Tokyo CBD and back. After a maze of identical looking streets, I hit the CBD around 7am where the watch beeped at 7km. Time to turn back. The sun was hidden and N-S-E-W was in no way obvious.

So there I was no phone, no money and no ID. Lucky, I am OK running 15km plus (even in post marathon soreness) and I also saw a sign for Ueno. Successfully found Ueno Park (per yesterday) and retraced the route I know.

17km at 5:05s.

I’d say the right foot was sore in the aftermath – some of this is hours of daily walking. Soreness is back to 5/10. Next region is Hakone for a few days. Very very mountainous. I’m scared.

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