Tokyo – Ramen and Easy Runs

Tokyo – Ramen and Easy Runs

Tokyo – Ramen and Easy Runs


Tokyo for a few days. I’m told there’s a massive running sub-culture, yet it’s not obvious to me.

Monday – Komagome

Overnight flight and soreness under the right heel (tendon between heel and arch). This is the one niggle I’ve carried from last week which may be concerning. Let’s call the pain 5/10.


A cautious 4km out (south) then 4km back from the apartment just before dinner. Given I still don’t know the address and have no money, this seems sensible. Once the heel warmed up all was fine. Lots of cyclists on the sidewalk, very few runners.

7.5km at 5:30s

Tuesday – Kita Park

Heel sits at 5/10, neither worse nor better. Yesterday was south and today was north (albeit early am). Found a part and largely ran circles enjoying the Cherry Blossoms.

Given this is largely sight-seeing type intensity, I accumulated 50 burpees adjacent to old timers who were doing an interpretive dance.

9.5km at 5:20s.

IMG-20160419-WA0001 (1)

A few observations on my first ramen at a hole-in-the-wall joint:

– Ramen broth was tasty, salty but too light. I expect the cholesterol laden good stuff
– Portion sizes very underwhelming

Pork ramen with tomago (egg). A basic staple.


A pork mince and seafood based noodle soup. The better of the two.



Trinity as underwhelmed as I.


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