Toyko – Uneo Park

Toyko – Uneo Park

Toyko – Uneo Park

Another disorientated run around Tokyo. After stalking a fellow jogger, I found myself a fellow jogger heading SE, and 20 min later I was at Uneo Park and the National Museum. Good body of water, grass covered walking tracks and a myriad of Japanese joggers. By coincidence, Lorie had suggested we visit this park as the day trip. Looks like I beat her to the punch.

Flat and easy, allowing me to exceed the planned 8km by a considerable margin. Achilles was sore after 5 hrs walking yesterday. Feels better today. Right heel still a little problematic. Pain down to 4/10 (good sign).

13km at 5:20s. 

In other news, it’s all happening on the int’l marathon front with big April events being London, Nagano, Hamburg, Boston etc.

Boston (Monday) very slow due a persistent headwind (not good on a point to point). Neil did well to sneak in under 2:40. Good luck to Tom and Barts in London this weekend. I still have my entry sitting in a mailbox in the UK! The conditions should be world record.

Also some talk about the Aussie team for Rio – male side Hunt, Mottram, Adams, Milosevic, Shelly, Shatrov, Summers to name a few. Not sure on the girls side but clearly Molly Clark is up there.

Food update – I can confirm the best ramen is located in a Toyko underground metro station.  Japan’s worst kept secret after a 25 min wait in line.

Five spoons of this broth and you are clutching the heart in glee.



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