Thursday – DAD

Wow, that was quick. I’m a dad 11 days earlier than expected.

Text comes in Thursday pm ‘I think you should come home’. I reassuringly reply it’s way off and I’m going to after work drinks. Whoops.

5 hours later, a healthy 2.5kg package of joy. Finish time (4:50) is not great for a marathon, but a decent PB nonetheless by Lorie.

Name derived from my favourite movie (The Matrix). Wife thinks differently and considers the religious angle.

Friday – no sleep but still went to work (can’t add any value in the ward).

B Wong forced me into a maiden effort joining the lads at Boy Charlton Pool. The carrot was share the good news with the lads and then he’d shout some celebratory Hunter Connection spring rolls.

Floated around in the adjacent lane knocking out 32 laps showcasing my terrible techniques. A dozen others including Timmy L, Champ, Frenchman and Liam were smashing 100m intervals in the crowded fast lane.

Timmy has been trying to conscript unsuspecting civilians into his Biathlon series. I’m not keen.

1.6km freestyle, then a 3km cool-down run with BW. Speaking of which, he shot some very encouraging feedback on my improvement. I’ve gone from ‘Erik the Eel’ in March to ‘Erik the non-drowning eel’ today. The promised spring rolls never eventuated…

Added 5km after work running back to RPA to see the bub. Happy days.

1.6km swimming, 8km running across lunch + commute.

No weekend racing for me.

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