Triple Run

Triple Run

Flat on the bike again last night. Just as I rolled into the driveway. What this means by default is I’m back to running which adds 11km pd depending on my route.

AM – a non-leg sort of strength work this AM. 3rd day on the trot! Not too intense with the focus on push-up variations, dips and KB swings of all sorts. Then a 6km jog via Blackwattle. Felt great!

Lunch – joined Wooey, YC and JW for a classic one-way Barangaroo recovery. Most of HuRTS were likely attacking the C2S course which I decided to give a miss. It’s 15km after all! Fighting the westerly today was hard work. Once we hit Barangaroo, I was happy to call it a day and headed back.

My watch is literally broken, and so either I run with the phone or just run. Disaster. Guesstimate distance 8km?

The evening jog was via Anzac Bridge. That’s 5km.


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