Turning the Arms

Turning the Arms

Great difficult containing the enthusiasm to turn the legs over at Rushcutters for the 400s. Felt the 30 degrees justified a relaxed splash down at ABC. Was actually quite excited, until I saw the lane.

Three lanes lost to squad. Overcrowding issues on the rest. Slipped into a pretty crowded medium lane.

Now I know what taking a bath with a dozen guys is like. 90s/lap swimmers, myself at 55-60s/lap then a few sub 50s. I acted both as a steamroll then later as roadkill.

1.6km done in a touch over 30 min. Very refreshing but too stressful.

4km jog back around Farm Cove via CQ as the cool-down. I did not see any familiar faces today.

The main running was a double commute of 11km. Thus, 15km for the day on the feet. Feeling better.

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