Two Days Recovery

Two Days Recovery

Sunday’s 26km took a lot more out of me than anticipated. I’m also at the tail of a solid 4 weeks.
With no forthcoming racing, I’d be remiss not to ease back and revert to (i) no speed, and (ii) fewer double runs.

Monday – recovery
Started with the crew at Bent Street and quickly drifted back at 4:45s. Lucky Dave Kane and Wongy were willing plodders. Turned around at Barangaroo, linked up with Renee to complete the 70 min run.

13.5km all up at sub 5 min pace.

Tuesday – skipping speed
Tempted to ease into the 4×10 min session in hot, windy conditions but was dissuaded by a Wooey from work. Knocked out a tidy 8km again to Barangaroo (circling the wharves). The cross-winds were brutal. Added 10x140m strides at CQ passenger terminal, which in effect added 4km.

12km all up in 65 min. The strides loosened the legs nicely!

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