Type A6 x 5

Type A6 x 5

Type A6 x 5

Really wanted to consolidate on last week’s training. That makes these few days an effective ‘taper‘ whilst I wait for my legs to freshen up. The way I see it is Melb is <5 weeks away, and if I can put two good weeks together (after this week), then I should be OK.

AM – 7km jog to work, throwing in 10 push-ups every 500m. Must have looked like an idiot dropping on the sidewalk / Anzac Bridge.

Lunch – out to Pyrmont with RW. Thought about the 8x5min down at Farm Cove, but that’s as far as I got. The plan was the same as yesterday. 10km easy (round the wharves), followed by 10x140m run-throughs near the Accenture Office. RW was too knackered after 6. I felt pretty good after 10. Had the racing flats on which really speeds things up.

14km in 65 min.

Speaking of my racing shoes – found my Saucony Type A6 for $80 on Shoelink. I have ordered two more. There are now five in my house…





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