The update from me is:

– day 3 into man flu. Lorie tried to keep me away from Trinity without success. Now Trinity is coughing.
– no issues running at low intensity. Base-building (sick or not sick) is not negotiable.

Sunday LR

Undecided if 30km when sick is mental resilience or just madness. I was early enough to catch the 6:30am crew and found them southbound near SBHS grounds (Moore Park).

Jumped onto the front nicely covered in leggings, gloves, arm warmers and even a beanie. It was nice controlling the pace with Timmy and Enda as the usual bolters were MIA. Looped back at the Cafe where the crowd had swelled to 15 plus and even saw Kiwi Mike, Sam J join the party. The pace was not overly aggressive although I suspect 4:30s was my limit.

Much relief completing loop 1 (10km) and I was game for another inner loop despite the need to save 8km of energy back home. That inner loop was done mainly chatting to Greta, Lambert and I think Mike and Eoin… it’s all a blur.

Last 8km was mainly revisiting my brunch wishlist in my head. Again, I vaguely remember landmarks such as Central Station, Wentworth Park and Blackwattle. I reckon the pace slowed massively.

34km in 2:40. It’s funny as that’s the best 3 hrs I felt all day.

Later that AM I was down at Ersko in Timmy Lindop’s neighborhood. This is the B&E roll…


Monday Wharves

A not-so-nice 6km across Anzac Bridge in biting cold. The vest and beanie are godsend.

Lunch, double up with the usual HuRTS wharves. I came armed with the same vest+arm-warmers combo and boy did I get jealous stares from Renee, Jeet, Walker,  Kroney, Frenchman and Elle to name a few.  Good banter today with a rising interest in how the team will fare at GC.

In the end, I was toasty and warm over the 14km out and back to CQ. The legs feel pretty tired despite the lack of speed last few days.

With the double commute, 24km for the day.

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