Feeling the tightness in the right ITB again. I suspect there’s something wrong with my running technique as the massage only seems to be a quick fix.

Tuesday– headed out early due to a 2pm meeting. Luckily Charlie had the same issue so we headed over to Centennial for a CW loop on the dirt track. Charlie seems to have lost a fair amount of base fitness and I sensed he was struggling to keep the HR under 140 bpm. What that meant was almost walking up any incline on the way back.

Being the good guy I am, I was happy to wait. The highlight was completing 5 chin-ups just outside the SCG. The rest was the run was a bit of a non-event.

Covered 14k at 4:50s. The foot was sore and the hip tight. Foam-roller time.

Wednesday – over to ABC for an emergency swim. It aligned nicely to 29 degrees and humid conditions. I initially lost count and resolved to do 30 min (give or take). The key was to loosen the hips by kicking hard. I think I failed in that mission.

A jog back, plus the commute via foot into work got me to 16k for the day.

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