Lazy way to close out the week. Not sure why I’m so unmotivated to return to speedwork.

Thursday – Pyrmont

Same route that I always do with Sam. Always 2.5k w/u along Hickson, sweeping past Bungalow 8 at 12:25 followed by and out and back to Jackson’s Landing. Aside from the usual tourist dodging around DH, it’s as easy as it gets for a 60 minute run.

Covered about 14k at what I guess to be 4:45s.


Ran over to the Coal Loader near Balls Head with Charlie and his Warriors bunch. Like the really slow pace, and even admire the fact that they think fitness is more-than-just-running (perhaps this is true). However after a 10 min wait at the start point – everyone arrived, literally just talking, – then a 20s stop on five more occasions, I had to make a decision. Take a 2 hr lunch break or run back on my own. In general, not a fan of so many stops on a simple run.

Left the group after Balls Head and headed directly with Damien who then departed at North Sydney.

14k all up, at 5:10s. Way too slow.


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