Little report on the running front. Doing my best to freshen up the legs after a particularly taxing weekend.

Monday – 30 min cross training before work. Tried to stay off the legs after my massive run yesterday. Headed out at lunch for an easy 60 min. Most of the time spent was in Pyrmont with Sammy T. Snuck in a few run-throughs to finish which probably was not a good idea.

Tuesday – doubled up on the cross-training as I’m quickly realising there is no longer any lingering soreness. Unfortunately today I had a lunch meeting, so I had to had out early. Met Sammy T for a cheeky 45 min run around Pyrmont. Had to cut it short and rush back for my 1pm.

Big dislike of lunch meetings, but sometimes they are unavoidable. 9k all up

Wednesday – legs are feeling better today after 2 easy days (although I have commuted on foot both days). Today I ran out to meet HuRTS after knocking out 10x150m run-throughs on the grass near Farm Cove. Did the 180 turn and followed them around to Barangaroo. Was happy to call it a day at around 11k. Nice to see Tym back in action.

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