Sunday – rolled out the door some 24 hours after the massage feeling like I’d done a few rounds with Mike Tyson. Kevin really gave my right side a hammering. Anyway, didn’t know how long I’d last but why change the long run routine?

Ran the 5 Bridges route in a counter clockwise direction. This is 25k if I were to go direct, but I added extra bits such as Blackwattle, Darling Harbour, Hickson Road. Eventually made it North Shore some 14k into the run. From there, it’s easy until Hunter’s Hill whereby you face a series of hills. Chugged away with modest pain running through my right side. The ITB and hammy is still out of sorts.

34k all up.

Monday – I ditched LJ on Friday for a swim at Ian Thorpe. Have not pulled up as well as hoped. I owed it to LJ anyway so it was over to IT for a 30 min swim. Te honest the only social element is the running (straight line 1.5k from Macquarie Building to IT). My stroke felt a little off today but I jumped onto the back of a few randoms in the pool. One of them was doing 55s/lap. Knocked out 1.7k (waiting for LJ to finish) then jogged back. It seems LJ is now taking up boxing?

1.7k swim, 5k running

Tuesday – standard Pyrmont run with Sam Towill. Hip and hammy giving me more problems which impeded my movement from 0-2k, then again from 11-13k. I need to work out what the issue is. Likely to be a combination of cross-training plus running, or old shoes.

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