Wednesday – struggled with my hip once again in the AM (jogging to work) and so JPM CC was not meant to be. This decision was made about 3k into the said commute. Linked up with Sam T at lunch who himself brought an unfit friend along called Guy. I knew Guy was going to battle as he was wearing board shorts and struggling to hold conversation by Fairfax Building (3k in). Ran out to JL and back and yes, Guy was toast by the time we stopped back at Fairfax for run-throughs.

Knocked out 6x80m run throughs which probably was unwise. 12k all up.

Thursday – another easy run at lunch with HuRTS. Ran alongside Tom, Jerome, Jack and a few others on the usual wharves course. Little to report aside from saying that there’s no better way to spend a 60 min lunch.


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