An easier week for me post last week’s massage with Kevin

– Sunday – started early down at Glover St Oval. 25 min ‘easy’ fartlek on a smallish loop around the baseball field. 25s on, 25s off. Saw Belinda B running similar circles on the oval for 2 hours straight! I then ran over to KG Oval to meet Matt for a Bay Run Loop. 18k all up

– Monday – Pyrmont, 55 min with Sam. Nice and easy.

– Tuesday – sharp back pains have returned (this is now the 3rd straight week!). So rather than HuRTS, I ran over to Ian Thorpe with Sam for an easy 1.5k. Finished the session with 5 min in the steam room. Fantastic.

– Wednesday – Pyrmont out and back, same run as Monday.

– Thursday – 10k out and back to Blue’s Point with Charlie. First run in a long time with the bloke. I expected him to struggle on the hills but it seems the gym work is paying dividends where strength is required.

– Friday – HuRTS 1k TT. The result was an oddly slow 18:52. I thought I was moving week, and having stopped the watch at the said time, I wondered if I had swum an extra 100m? For reference, I have been mid 1800s last year and progressed to low-to-mid 17s last month. To be sure, I added 300m at the same intensity and that took 5:10 (i.e. 1:44 / 100m). That would suggest I did swim 1.1k?

Anyway, I gave the time to the HuRTS guys of 18:52. Liam did 17:50 ish and I sheepishly patted him on the back.


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