Vanilla Monday

Vanilla Monday

As vanilla as it gets for a Monday. Started with the Pensioners (Charlie, Conway, Sam, Nathan, Mike 2 and Pete Kingston). After much dad-related chat, it became apparent the high 20s and humidity was too much for my slowing companions. The pace dropped from shuffle to zombie-like.

Got impatient at Barangaroo, surged 1km at 3:40s and caught the shirtless main HuRTS crew. Tagged alongside Tom, Enda, Jerome and a few others back around Opera House. The heat was really picking up and I was happy to exit at Farm Cove. Felt 100kg as I trod up the Botanic Gardens stairs.

14km in 67 min. After adding 6km in the evening via Blackwattle, daily total hit 20km.

Certainly well off being ready for speed right now, let alone racing.

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