For as long as I can remember Charlie has been involved in a Warrior group on Mon/Wed.  Whilst I have no objection to testosterone fuelled boot camps costing $15/session, the idea has never appealed. In my mind it is 1 hour of push-ups, burpees, sprints, chin ups and other methods of torture.

It finally took a particularly aggressive pitch from Charlie in the change room with our CIO, who is also a Warrior. Not sure why I folded but maybe it was his kind offer to pay.

Jogged over to the tombstones near the Cahill Express way entry to find a massive group of maybe 30. Luckily today was suppose to be running focused which plays to my strength. 

Every set is a rotation of run, push-ups, stairs, dips, core. 

Found the fastest guy named Quentin and stuck with him over most of the session. The running was super easy as my HR barely rises and obviously was constrained by not knowing where to go (so I couldn’t lead). No problems with the push-ups, struggled with the sit ups and planks. Fair to say stairs hurt no matter how fit you are.

On the Garmin I ran 6k and probably did a good 150 push-ups and 100 dips over the hour. I think I have benefited from my secret cross training as the switch between cardio and strength is not natural for pure runners.

Was I knackered by the end? No.

Did I learn new exercises? Mainly core stuff.

Did I have fun? Yes

Will I be returning? Unlikely

Many thanks to Charlie for bringing me along. Foot did not give me too many issues.

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