Saturday – Swim Run Brunch

Easy day today because I am feeling uncharacteristically fatigued. Jogged exactly 1.4k to LPAC and jumped in to test my new goggles. 29 min later, I had covered 1.4k before being tapped on the shoulder and kicked out. Bloody school carnival, leaving me 100m shy of my goal distance.

Feeling shortchanged, I ran a CW loop of the Bay Run with the Canal extension – this adds 3k. Got back feeling like I’d just half-arsed two activities. That being a 1.4k swim in 29:00 and 10k run at 4:50s.

Completed the ‘triathlon’ with a breakfast over at Revolver. It is the worst kept secret of the HuRTS Inner West running group and the refueling station after we all do our runs. Nick (below) couldn’t stop singing praises over his Breakfast Bruschetta with prosciutto, kale pesto, poached eggs and sourdough.


Jeet, glowing from his 2nd place at Rhodes Parkrun, celebrated with a Baked Spanish Omelette.



Sunday – Cooks River

Feeling lethargic again, though the legs are in a better spot today. 30k was the goal and anything over is ‘bonus’. A super early 6am start thanks to Nick saw us track down to Tempe where the Cooks River path commences. The rationale was twofold: (i) sick of Centennial, and (ii) need to return home unlike the usual routine of finishing in Redfern.

With the pace at 4:40s, my legs started tired and never really got worse. The flat course up to Strathfield helped and by the time we crossed Paramatta Road near Concord I could already smell the French Toast Lorie was cooking at home. So the last 5k was just thinking about what topping would accompany that.

32km at 4:45s. A highly enjoyable run, lots of chat and one where I expected to ‘suffer’ more.

Here is Trinity today, perhaps 1 month away from unassisted walking.


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