Friday – North Sydney Pool

With ABC shut but the weather still good, I opted for a B-grade pool over on the North Shore. Ran across the Bridge with Richard Grundy from work, measuring exactly 2.8k door to water. Had to time an easy 1.5k which was completed in 30 min.

An easy jog back to office had me feeling unusually fresh in the legs for the day. Enjoying a lighter mileage week thus far.

Saturday – Cross Training

With the  Sydney 10k clashing with Trinity’s swimming lessons I had to make the choice – PB attempt or singing songs in a urine-ridden pool. I chose the later. Sadly Trinity was not overly impressed despite my noble sacrifice. She seemed pretty agitated particularly when I started waterboarding her (they call it blowing bubbles).

With my legs itching for a hit out, I ran from Lilyfield to Crows Nest via the CBD after lunch. Steady pace and largely a warm up for tennis with Matt. Covered 12k in 55 min before grabbing the racket. Tennis itself was a lesson in what happens when you play once a year. Lost to Matt: 2-6, 3-6, 4-6 and 4-3 (incomplete).

Putting together 1 hour running plus 90 tennis left me fairly depleted.

Got the update from the Sydney 10. Great runs from everyone notably Brts, Nick, Scotty, Toby, Lambert and JFen. Wish I was there.

Sunday – Long Run

CP with HuRTS is the easy option. I did not deserve an easy run. I conceived a strange Boomberang shaped course that covered the CBD and Lane Cove, using Inner West as the pivot. Ran into the CBD to meet Matt at the Hyatt at 7am. This was the first 9k. We then ran down Hickson Road back across to the Anzac Bridge where at 7:30am we were to meet Champ at King George’s Oval. Then north across a few bridges.

I knew things would be pretty tough and by 15k (near Drummoyne) my right hammy started to tighten. Unfortunately we had chosen a very hilly route which saw the 3 of us attack the inclines up to Lane Cove Shops. Watch was reading around 23k at that point and frankly I could have ended there.

Matt had 5k to go home, whilst Champ was only 10k into his own run. So the last 10k of my run was working with Champ back across Hunter’s Hill, Drummoyne and finally the Bay Run. Tough work, but glad to get company. Got to 34.7k nearing my house and we all know that it’s impossible not to get to 35k. An extra 300m of shuffling did the trick.

Great breakfast over at Revolver to celebrate, well nothing.. This is the omelette with beetroot and onion.


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