Friday – Wharves

Jogged over to the usual 12:25pm meeting spot and was stunned. No one turned up! I figured if I track the water to Hickson Wharves, I was bound to run into someone. Wrong again. Aside from a quick sighting of Chris Strom (plus some other bloke), it was one cold and lonely 12ker to Barangaroo.

Did not feel good enough to turn back at the Green Doors. I cut back into the CBD to round out 60 min. Sleep deprivation, sore throat = not a fun run.

Saturday – Swimming

Felt I was missing out on both GC with the gang, Striders Homebush and even Park Run. Luckily this is the last week of Trinity’s swimming lessons. Sent Lorie into the pool and was impressed by her teaching ability. Clearly I lack the smiles and patience that is required to get Trinity to cooperate in the games.

Knocked out 1,000m in the outdoor pool after the lesson. It was bloody cold getting out. Here is a winning breakfast dish that I enjoyed shortly thereafter. Black sesame nori pancake, poached eggs, salmon, edamame with miso hollandaise sauce.

Doubled up in the afternoon with my long run for the weekend. This was entirely unexpected. Started over near Crows Nest, following Pacific Highway down to Lane Cove. Moving south to River Road, I followed that over towards the Inner West. Too many hills to count, but this is the training I need.

On the way, Champ sms’ed asking for an easy Bay Run (I had my phone). Met the bloke at KG oval, looped the Bay Run in a CCW direction before parting ways near the Canal. At the time, I was about 20k and thinking ’10k and I’ve done my LR!’. So with a cheeky out and back to Balmain, I got to my desired distance.

30k all up at 4:40s. 

Good luck to everyone running the half and full distance at Gold Coast tomorrow!

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