Saturday – Bay Run

Two laps with Jac who later that day would be celebrating her birthday over in the city. This meant her Sunday was a write off and thus we needed to cover 20k. I was happy to oblige. Met at KG over, looping in a CW direction for around two laps.

We knew Yum Cha was starting at 8am, so we caught him and offered company for half a lap. Ended up back at home with 22k banked and surprisingly my legs in good shape.

Great breakfast over at Balmain, enjoying French Toast, a breakfast platter and a giant pesto omelette with Jac, Lorie and the two little ones. I invited J figuring she could mind the kids whilst I enjoyed my food.

Sunday – Long Run

Despite a late night out I was still committed to the LR. Meeting spot was the Hyatt at 6.45am. Matt brought his mate Andrew along – both having run from Lane Cove! Started down Hickson Road and over the Anzac Bridge. The hills started to get the better of me by the time we hit Gladesville where my distance was maybe 18k.

Decided to turn at Burns Bay Rd and head back home solo (the other two basically did a Bridges Loop). Lonely and slow for the run back across the Iron Cove Bridge.

32k all up.

Sore for the rest of the day. Even carrying Trinity in the afternoon was a tough ask.

Monday – Pyrmont

Usual recovery run with Erika. I have been trying to talk the birthday girl out of religiously looking at her watch. It is a hopeless cause.

12k at 5.01s. Erika said her watch read 5.00s. Only one of us is right.

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