Weekend Ks

Weekend Ks

Saturday – 15ker

No forthcoming races in the calendar, which allows me to enjoy the swimming lesson routine. In time, I’ll transition to Saturday parkrun.

Didn’t head out till 4pm and even then I was unsure if I could be bothered running today. With Neil having knocked out a 15 min tempo plus hill repeats that morning, he was barely shuffling by the time we met at Le Montage for a recovery run.

Course took us East towards Balmain – under the bridge – and back through the Canal. Two spottings on this run:

– Tony Fattorini outside Le Montage – what’s he up to these days?
– Tym chasing his daughter on a bike

Felt incomplete (8k covered) when Neil dropped off at the Canal. Saw out another 30 min solo looping around the streets of Leichhardt. In my mind I had to do 15k (no more, no less), so that’s what happened.

15k at 4:45s. Bonus Ks for me.

Sunday – Centennial

5:45am start from my place – my brother Matt’s idea as he was on call at RPA and had to do a LR within a ‘5k radius’. That sort of worked out well in that we headed over to CP to run with HuRTS for the 6:30am lap only. Other options included 1) Striders STARS from Annandale, and 2) endless loops of the Bay Run.

Must have felt the aftereffects of yesterday’s squats, then last night’s heavy dinner as everything was not working. Weak stomach, heavy legs, tight hammy. Luckily Matt is pretty sensible on pace and we made our way to CP via Blackwattle Bay.

Almost by accident we linked into the HuRTS group for the 6:30 loop. However, with LJ leading out the pace was always going to be too much. Lasted 4k, then fell away and completed a white fence loop, then perimeter loop to get the K’s up to 24k. From there, getting to the 33k was easy. Went via Newtown and RPA just in case. Matt never got called in but he did steal some home made french toast that was reserved for me.

33.9k in 2:49. 

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