Weekend Long Run then Garden Island

Weekend Long Run then Garden Island

Saturday – fully intended to take Rini out for a pram run, but sometimes I can’t be bothered with the wake-up, nappy change and quick feed routine – all before you get out the door. Struggled to get moving today and spent most of the Ks wandering around suburban streets in the Inner West. Notable areas include Leichhardt, Haberfield and finally Drummoyne. Got the Ks up to 20k and was happy with that.

Given the weather was so nice, I backed it up with 2k at LPAC in the afternoon. My stroke is rubbish, evidenced by the 42 min it took.

Sunday – ran into the CBD to meet Matt at 6:45am. That was the first 10k. Legs felt flat once again, not to mention niggles through each of my feet. We headed around Barangaroo and back to the Bay Run where I re-linked with Champ. Saw Matt off at the base of Gladesville Bridge, then finished the last 10k with Champ. The poor bloke was shuffling along complaining about his bike ride yesterday.

By the time I got home, I was a touch over 32k. Average pace 4:45s. Lingering niggles in my feet mean I am overdue a massive. Must be ITB issues.

Monday – out and back to Garden Island with Richard Woo (Wooey). The bloke is as unfit as he’s ever been in the last 3 years. Had to stop every 2k as he looked like collapsing every time I pushed the pace to 4:40s. I used each ‘break’ to do 20 push-ups. So it was not so bad. I’ve told Wooey he needs to pick up his game

12k all up.

I’m hearing fantastic results from various HuRTS runners up at the Berlin Marathon on Sunday. Notably Criniti, Darren, Erika, Mike L plus quite a few others. I was somewhat disappointed to see the WR not broken. Kipchoge looks so effortless.

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