Weekend – Lots of Base

Weekend – Lots of Base

Saturday – Abbbotsford

My usual Drummoyne Cove, Abbotsford circuit which fulfills my usual appetite for water views. I sat somewhat religiously at 5:00s, struggling with a stomach ache not to mention pissing down rain. Saw Run Crew and Neil earlier down at KG Oval before they set out for a 6km tempo. Mentally, I targeted a 90 min run. A nice change to my usual distance targets.

Massage visiting KM at Castle Cove in the afternoon. Necessary maintenance and one that hurts.

Sunday – Centennial

Never easy getting back on the horse after a massage. Rolled out the door a touch late and ventured through Newtown and Ersko en route to CP. As I was 15 min late, I joined in step just around Mackay Oval before the usual out-and-back to Alison Rd.

Good chat with LJ and Lambert where at 4:30s I was already battling. Then Eloise came up with 3 of her entourage. Boy did that break things up (a few trying to hold her pace). Luckily, things reformed around Fox Studios by which stage I was looking for a slow ally. Continued past the cafe, said my goodbyes to the group and joined Luca for a few final inner laps.

It was all about getting to 30km and I did that at 4:40s. Faster than I’d prefer made worse by tired legs from the week.

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