Weekend Parkrun

Weekend Parkrun

Weekend Parkrun

Second run with the new Bugaboo Pram and boy am I starting to enjoy this change in routine. Headed out around 7:15am with Trinity with a view to a 45 min-ish warm-up prior to the 8am Park Run down Sydney Park. It’s a course I have never attempted and so this was the day to do it.

Sort of wandered around Marrickville and Sydenham area with Trinity not even offering a squeak. Over at the PR start it as all a little crowded so I tucked in near the back on the RHS. There was Chris Strom and Eoin amongst the front runners but before I could saw hi we were off.

First mistake was being mid-pack. Joggers everywhere many of whom (i) run on the RHS, and (ii) wear headphones. 1-2k at 4:20s, managing to use the grass as a means to over-take. Made our way up to the 2.5k mark where that nasty hill comes about. I’ve read about this on Timmy’s blog and it is as brutal as it sounds particularly with a pram. Once that was done things got a lot easier.

Last 3k was around 3:50s – a steady tempo pace that meant I was slowly chipping away at the field but not in the hurt locker. Weird double loop towards the end forcing me to follow a bloke to ensure I didn’t stray / miss any sections. Lost to that same guy in a sprint finish on the grass which was very disappointing.

Verified my (unofficial) time by checking with the bloke who edged me out.

19:55 (4:00s). Spits: 4:18, 4:15, 3:47, 3:49, 3:50.

Enjoyed a chat with Stromy who took out the title, closely followed by Eoin. Nice to see some familiar faces. Then I had to run back to Annandale for a well deserved brunch.

20k all up (10k w/u, 5k PR, 5k w/d). This could be a good routine going forward. I think I can do 18 min with the right training.

Trinity and I are the finish…

With Eoin and Stromy ….




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