Weekend – Pram Saturday, Watson’s Bay Sunday

Weekend – Pram Saturday, Watson’s Bay Sunday

Weekend – Pram Saturday, Watson’s Bay Sunday

Saturday – Pram (15km)

Now my dedicated pram day whether that be racing (Striders) or otherwise. Rolled out the door with Trinity at 7am, allowing 90 min before we were to join Lorie at Kepos St Kitchen.

Once again I suffered from mechanical issues which is infuriating. About 8 steps adjusting the wheels and even then it veers to the right and rubs on the break pad. Worked the quads / glutes hard not to mention sore arms. Kept a steady 5:00 min/k and was much slower on any hill.

Course was mainly Paramatta Rd (boring), around Price Alfred and towards CP by which time we’d already done 10k. One inner loop dodging joggers and by then the heat was picking up. Say Hi to Timmy Lindop who was walking and blocking the path before looping back to Redfern for a well deserved breakfast.

Trinity did great. Babbling, more babbling and no need for a nappy change. This time I didn’t even give her a food / water break over the 90 min. We rolled up to KSK having sweated out maybe 3L and certainly feeling like I’d just done a tempo.

17k at 5:10s.

This was my breakfast.

Sunday – Watson’s Bay

The only response from the Inner West Whatsapp chat was from Nick Roberts. If you’ve seen him recently you’ll quickly work it out that he’s in fantastic shape and the guy to beat in 2017. Anyway, I met NR at 6:15 (he lives close) and his suggestion of Watson’s Bay sounded intriguing

Isn’t that a little far (and hilly)?“, I asked.

12k to WB” the response. What he didn’t tell me is that’s 12k via the Cross City Tunnel in a car. Poor form.

Sunday was suppose to be modest high 20s, but what I didn’t count on was the humidity. Went the direct route via Anzac, CBD and by 10k we passed Redleaf. Chat was good at this stage and even continued up HBH before we turned left through the mansions of Vaucluse.

Got to the magic landmark – Watsons Bay – and realised by then Bondi Beach would make this a 40k type run. Found a surprise hill back to the Vaucluse roundabout where I found myself literally racing some cyclists to the peak. That was enough to really deplete my stores and from then it was all about getting home in one piece. So the way back was reverse C2S course.

Pacing was a solid 4:35s back to the CBD and I think only 5 words were said the whole time. Over the Pyrmont Bridge and across Blackwattle where I could tell Nick was struggling to hold pace. Last 2k I sort of tested the tired legs a little and even used the last hill past the Leichhardt IGA to throw in a final surge.

After seeing off a pretty tired NR, it was just another 300m home. Must say today I started sore and finished sore & thirsty so net net not too bad.

36k at 4:35s. Strava skipped the first few K.


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