Rested the legs on Saturday, choosing instead to do a swimming lesson with Trinity. We’ve moved it to Saturday due to the inevitable handover of parenting duties with #2 so close. Down at LPAC – 7 dads in my class with their kids whilst wives watched with interest from the side (3 pregnant).

I must say it was an awkward 30 min of singing, dancing and a little bit of waterboarding Rini. Lots of work to do on holding technique as well as my knowledge of songs. Here we are:

Headed back to the pool after lunch for some proper laps. Completed 2.5k by way of:

– 400k w/u
– 4x400m with 100m easy
– 200m c/d

Ironically when you are a bad swimmer, an effort does not translate to faster lap times. Averaged maybe 64s/50m which is a little embarrassing.


No sign of Champ at the agreed 6:30am start point. Resigned myself to a solo run and chose a modified version of the 5 bridges course. First section was Blackwattle, before shooting over the Bridge and down past Crows Nest. Followed the bike path all the way to Lane Cove and fought the final hills back to the Bay Run.

35k all up at 4:30s. Resting yesterday enabled me to attack the hills today.

Regrettably I didn’t make it to the Outrun Cancer event at the Exhibition Centre despite every intention to go for the final hour. Watched the FB live feed with awe to see 3 world records broken (solo, women’s and men’s 24 hour treadmill). I don’t know how Luca does it.

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