Wellington Wharves

Wellington Wharves

First taste of winter. Wellington characteristed by low teens temp plus a nasty wind-chill factor.

I almost rested today… almost because it was too cold to run added to the problem right knee. However, with a late 8:30am start I stuck to the path lining the wharves from the main town. Headed away from the Airport direction and was not overly impressed with the city. No path infrastructure after 3km forcing me either to run on a train track or turn back. Jogged near some Westpac stadium entrance to get the K’s to a respectable double digit.

Hands frozen as I returned, legs don’t feel great. At least I got to see some of Wellington!

12km at 5:00s. A recovery run aimed at allowing the knee issues to pass. Not much running expected from now to Sunday. Long story.

The two key milestones this week are T turning 5 months and Lorie’s bday today. Lucky I’m home pre-midnight..


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