Western Wharves, Garden Island

Western Wharves, Garden Island

Wednesday – West

Good initiative by Renee to mix it up. Collected a team that also included Craig, Elle and Crossy for a trip to Blackwattle Bay. In fact I had run the same route on the way to work so this area is very well known to me. Added a little extra by going around Pyrmont Wharves (Crossy’s request).

Overall, great views and a pretty easy pace. 14k by the time I returned back to the desk.

Thursday – East

Joined Brendan Wong for another 14k today. The first 5k was with Simon Woz and a bunch of his friends. Met at Barangaroo and looped around the wharves to Hyatt where they dropped off. That left Brendan and I for an out and back to Garden Island.

Like yesterday, easy pace. Enjoyed myself today and I’m sensing the foot is on the mend. Great news!

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