Unexpectedly sore from Sunday, though arguably 35k does that to you. Met HuRTS up near the Gallery as I was running the reverse from Farm Cove. Did the 180 to join the train. For about 3k, I was upfront with Yum Cha trying to moderate the pace – the risk is guys like Worswick run half a step-in front and before long, you are at 4:15s instead of 4:40s. Happy seeing Nick Roberts join the group.

Became clear by Hyatt that the main group was accelerating, leaving myself, Erika, Elle, Renee and Sonya losing some 5s/k. It did not worry me. Hit the white door at Barangaroo with the left hand (it’s the new routine per Renee’s suggestion) and proceeded back to CQ with the girls.

A good 15km at 4:45s for lunch. Felt better at the end than the start.

Tuesday is 14x3min intervals. I will not be there.

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