Monday – Wharves

Initially I wanted to go to Redleaf, but then no one was keen. No matter, as I found a good bunch on the usual wharves circuit. Went solo up from CQ to meet the bunch near ABC. By then I had stopped over for 4×20 push-ups.

Did the 180 and spent the better of what was an easy run chatting to Renee, Elle, Frenchman Jerome and Enda. Dropped off at CQ in a pretty good state, having banked 13k at 4:40s.

Always love these runs!

Tuesday – Cross-Training

Enjoyed a solid 30 min strength / cross-training in the living room. Still stuck in the same routine which sees me rotate 1 min burpees / 2 min strength reps. Generally the strength is some 16kg kettle-bell variation.

Looking forward to a run at lunch – a very easy one.

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