I’ve been building into a steady 3-4 days pw of 30 min cross-training, but finding it hard to double up with speed work.

Thursday – couldn’t think what else to do on a day where I felt a little lethargic. Ran out along Hickson Road with Wooey. He’s good for about 8-10k so I figured he’d fall apart just as we moved into Pyrmont. I was right on the money and near Fairfax lawn RW was stumbling around and asking to go home.

Convinced him to do ‘one more wharf’ which we did, then headed back into the city to round out 60 min (12k). Nice little recovery run.

Friday – similar to yesterday in terms of an easy 60 min at lunch. It does get a little boring but that’s why I always mix up the company. Ran with Marko B who is a soon to be dad. He seems way more engaged in the whole pregnancy process such as downloading that parenting app (for mothers) that steps through the embryo development comparing size to pieces of fruit. Another 12k done.

A picture where Trinity thinks she is invisible. Funny how their minds work.

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