Provided my Sunday 30km excludes a pick-up, then come Monday I’m fine. This played out today drafting in the main peloton despite my past criticism of sub 4:40s being way too fast. With the likes Frenchman and Warswick leading, 0-5km was uncomfortable.

Not much banter but good chat post a busy weekend. Tym B described an epic 39 min of hurt at the Sun Run, whilst Enda vehemently denied that his loyalty is not to Mother England in the Rugby Sevens. We saw Sonya, then Asian Dave and Steve P around the Wharves.

Before long, I was back at CQ feeling remarkably loose. Faster pace meant extra time for 1km to the start of OH and back.

14km at 4:45s. Busy few weeks ahead so unsure whether I can commit to the Tues/Thur sets.


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