Wharves and drills

Wharves and drills

A part of me wanted to swim (1km TT on at ABC) but I checked the temp: 23 degrees. That’s too low.

The run start was 12:45pm which felt too early for me. Solo from CQ around Farm Cove where I basically did 40 heel kicks plus 20 high knee skips every 500m. 5km of that rubbish with even a few push-up sets.

Looped back to cnr Macquarie and Bent where Tom, Jeet, Enda, Erika, Charlie, Lambert and Steve P set out. From now, it was just a nice and easy recovery run. Mainly chatted with Erika and SP on various things like dogey guts. Cut off once we got to Hickson. I was in double digit territory.

13km all up at 4:55s.

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