Wharves Back and Forth

Wharves Back and Forth

My first 6k was with Erika out to Barangaroo. That in itself was pure entertainment, particularly after her Garmin started throwing off 3:20s splits. For reference we were actually jogging at what felt like 4:50s. I think my suggestion to ignore the watch – in general that is – fell on deaf ears.

With Erika drooping off early – only after I convinced her that she’d covered exactly 10k – I saw out the lunch run with HuRTS. Found a massive crew around FC and hung on at what felt like an unsustainable pace. Today it was Charlie who was hammer 4:20s and dragging maybe 20 sorry individuals along with him. I heard multiple complaints.

Dropped off from HuRTS as they entered Barangaroo and cut back into the CBD early. 15k done.

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