Wharves Back and Forth

Wharves Back and Forth

More fatigued from yesterday than I typically should be. That said, I am in good spirits! Re-instated my usual morning routine of strength work before a 5km jog across Anzac.

Lunch was a plod… 6km with Wooey out to Barangaroo where I saw Erika and Birchy enjoying the sunshine. After turning back to the wharves, I said my goodbyes to Wooey who looked in a world of pain (at 5:00s!). Luckily, I picked up HuRTS near Hyatt and found myself retracing the wharves. At least I had new company – Renee, JO’C, Yum Cha etc. Hit the boom gate, beehived back to CQ and the Toaster Building with Renee to get to 13km at lunch.

18km for the day. If all goes to plan, I will do 50% of the set tomorrow.

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