Wharves Nice and Easy

Wharves Nice and Easy

Nice little recovery run down to Barangaroo with the friendly Monday crew. First 3km was actually with Yum Cha starting from CQ up to the meeting point. This was very slow, maybe 5:10s.

Back with the main pack I put on cruise control. Main chat was with Tom, Renee, Elle, Lambert and Brendan all the way down to Barangaroo. Legs feel 7/10 post Saturday pyramid and Sunday LR. These hybrid recovery-chat days are indeed my favourite.

13km at 4:50s.

Somewhat of a disaster jogging home via Anzac Bridge. Hugging RHS of a single lane road as two incoming cars passed near Annandale. Stupid 4WD slowed down and squeezed me against the curb. I tripped, lurched forward and ended face, hands and knees down on the gravel with car #2 50cm from my face. At least he was sympathetic as I lay on the concrete.

Grazed arm, very sore right knee. Hobbled another 600m home.

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