Wharves One Again

Wharves One Again

3km around farm cove starting at CQ with Chris from work at 6:00s (he’s not very fit). The plan was short jog then 1.5km in the pool with the gang. I had even pre-arranged to meet Yum Cha, Champ and Timmy.

Jogged past ABC where my legs felt OK. Then, I considered the prospect of stopping -> goggles on -> get in the pool -> stare at a black lane -> exit pool. Luckily Tym B jogged past and this was the excuse I needed. 180 turn back to CQ, under the bridge then circling the wharves. Lots of tourist dodging and I made sure to brush my sweaty limbs against any that dared stray in my path.

Enjoyed this thoroughly with TB a pretty safe bet for decent chat, easy pace. Run cut short at CQ leaving him alone for the last 4km.

13km at 5:05s. Given I’m not injured nor feeling over-trained, the motivation to swim is low. 

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