Wharves then North Side Adventure

Wharves then North Side Adventure

All sorts of things coming out of my nose this AM and I wondered if I’d make it out of bed. Well I did and by noon I felt OK.

Met my usual Wed crew Renee, Elle and we even had Craig, a girl I’ve not met Eliza and JFen for an easy wharves run. Great chance to catch up with JFen who seems to be floating in and out of the HuRTS scene due to back issues, sickness, travel.

The run took us out to Barangaroo with much talk about the new Casino and what it means for our default run. Anyway, brilliant weather.

13km in 60 min.

Left early to visit my dentist mate in North Syd. He had me in a chair writhing in pain as you’d expect on a standard clean. Clearly my pain tolerance was adjusted because what I did next was this:

– change into the runners
– meander down Pac Highway, Lane Cove and eventually back across Gladesville bridge and home.

Reached home to add 15km for the day. Lots of hills.

Pretty happy with the day’s effort noting I was a 15% chance of staying in bed.


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